(Tools and Capabilities)

I have a strong and diverse background in broadcast and print news and feature journalism (which has included news and feature writing for the SD Union-Tribune and other publications). Television has always been my magnificent obsession, however.   These experiences have given me the skills to be able to easily repurpose my video content for multimedia/website use. 

Decisiveness, leadership, a strong and clear judgment of what is newsworthy, strong writing skills, and being an admitted “news junkie” are just some of the best qualities I can bring to a television news operation. A proven quick learner and not afraid of hard work, I am dependable and always strive to exceed expectations. 

These days, too many so-called journalists have become information gatherers (or stenographers) who take the easy way out and rather repeat news than investigate and report news. As a consequence, these "information gatherers" often repeat inaccurate or incorrect information. I refuse to be an "information gatherer."

Too often, the news media always runs towards the most obvious details and aspects of a major news story, but more and more, they FAIL to ask ALL of the questions.

So often these "reporters" leave major gaping holes in the factual parts of a news story and don't ask themselves whether they have at least begun to answer the questions the listener/viewer/reader might have in a news report. It comes down that they don't answer the classic 5 W's of news reporting: Who is it about? What happened? When did it take place? Where did it take place? Why (and how) did it happen?

Outside of my direct television journalism work, I have produced/directed/written longer form video projects commissioned by the San Diego City College Radio/TV/Film/Video department and other clients. As such, I am very well versed in behind-the-scenes production work, broadcast video digital formats, and am very adept using Final Cut Pro and have experience with Adobe Premiere, After Effects, and other up-to-date software.  

I have a bachelor’s degree in Communication Management from University of Portland, an AAS degree in Television Production Technology from Portland Community College, and have completed some graduate work in Telecommunications and Film at San Diego State University. My training also includes extensive participation in the recognized award-winning television news program at San Diego City College, and successful training in natural disaster and crisis reporting through San Diego State University.

The quality of my work and my professionalism has been recognized with multiple first and second place prizes in feature and investigative/enterprise broadcast journalism excellence by the San Diego Press Club in 2010, 2011, 2013, 2017, and the "Gloria Penner Political Affairs Reporting" award from the Society of Professional Journalists.